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Continuing a Tradition of Serving Gear and Gear Rack Buyers Since 1867

Commercial gears and gear racks from a single, dependable source

Worcester Gears & Racks is dependable - with foundations back to 1867. Such longevity may attributed to Worcester Gears & Racks' practice of making your concerns our own - and our knowledge of manufacturing and its supported industries. We are not a sales organization; we manufacture our gears and racks. When you contact us you'll reach someone who understands and can discuss prints; many of our staff have machining and technical backgrounds.

Production prices and repetitive accuracy from a single supplier

The mainstay of Worcester Gears & Racks is commercial, low-volume production runs so these jobs not only get our special attention, but we produce them efficiently. When your job enters our shop it will be thoroughly planned to ensure the best value and then periodically reviewed for methods improvement savings.

And Worcester Gears & Racks has a substantial investment in CNC equipment to achieve repetitive accuracy. The vast majority of our racks are generated by shapers and cutters for a more consistent rack from tooth to tooth. Every rack and pinion is deburred. Be assured your job will be handled with the professionalism you deserve.

Quality gearing for more than a century

Worcester Gears & Racks' services were the focus of an independent survey of gearing customers. They ranked us near perfect in quality. For manufacturers that means the machinery you ship will be more dependable. You'll have fewer repairs, fewer returns, more satisfied customers.

We regularly cut to AGMA 8, 9 and 10 (See the details of our cutting capabilities). Our QC complies with MIL-Q-9858A, MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-45662.

For more than a century gear buyers have trusted Worcester's gears and racks. We'd like to earn your trust, too. Please contact us for answers to your questions or for a timely quote: phone us toll free at 508-987-8003, email Angel Diaz if you're in the US find your rep's contact information. Or you can get a quote including submitting your digitized drawings via the Worcester Gears & Racks quote page.

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