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You can sendyour CAD or other drawing files to Worcester Gears & Racks via the Web

To help gear buyers to greater speed and convenience in seeking quotations for custom gearing, Worcester Gears & Racks has added to its Web site the ability to accept CAD files and other image files that describe gearing projects. The quotation page is located at and is cookie-enabled to further quicken the quote submission process in that it can remember gear buyers' contact information.

For more information about Worcester Gears & Racks' ability to accept image files through the Web contact Jay at or call him at 508-987-8003.

Sell Dependable Gears and Racks toOEMs -- Territories 4, 15 and 18

Worcester Gears & Racks is Seeking Field Representation (see ad at left)

Worcester Gears & Racks is seeking field representation in the following areas as defined by MANA (Manufacturers' Agents' National Association): territories 4, 15 and 18. If you operate an agency and would like to submit details about it, please send them to: Jay, Worcester Gears & Racks, 627 Main St, N. Oxford, MA 01537. If you'd like additional information, submit your questions via email.

Worcester Gears & Racks adds a Quick Drill Stretch
For more efficient secondary operations

Because Worcester Gears & Racks is a strictly custom shop, they've focusedontheir ability to perform secondary operations with the skill and efficiency with which they generate agear or rack. It is in this spirit that the Quick Drill Stretch was acquired, to enable Worcester Gears & Rackstoproduce your custom gear racks more efficiently.To continue its commitment to meet your delivery needs, hold down costs and expand its secondary operation capabilities, Worcester Gears & Racks recentlypurchased and installed a Quick Drill Stretch, manufactured by Quick Mill of Peterborough, Ontario. The Quick Drill Stretch is a computer-driven drilling station that also taps and c-bores. Its table measures 36" x 180" and it can accommodate a workpiece that has a height of up to 18".

The Quick Drill Stretch improves Worcester Gears & Racks' efficiency in performing these secondary operations on racks and for other appropriate drilling applications. This should help Worcester Gears & Racks to meet your time-critical delivery situations and cost targets.

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